Welcome to our guidance section. Here you will find our dynamic warm-up routine and our cool down stretching program. Designed with you in mind, both of these should help you get the most out of your running.

Dynamic warm-ups are moving routines that should not be held as static stretches. Rebel Runners~Medway recommend that you complete a warm-up of this kind before any run no matter how far.





Our cool down stretching guide gives an excellent base to start your cooldown routine. Feel free to continue on from these stretches should you feel the need, for example, a 5-minute walk afterwards.




Please Note:

These exercises should stretch the muscle to its greatest range of motion but you should not over extend.

You should endeavour to stretch uniformly, once you have done one side, make sure you do the other.

You should be careful of overstretching an injured area. It may cause additional damage.

We advise that you do not bounce whilst stretching. Ballistic stretching can increase your chance of injury.